Ashtekar, Abhay

Abhay Ashtekar

Institute for Gravitational Physics and Geometry
Physics Department, Penn State
University Park, PA 16802, U.S.A

Articles: Space and Time: From Antiquity to Einstein and Beyond (PDF)
ArXiv: Asymptotics with a positive cosmological constante
Youtube: Even a tiny positive cosmological constant casts a long shadow (2016)

References within this website:
• In Search Of Deeply-Informed Analyses

First email: 17 April 2019

Dear Prof. Dr. Abhay Ashtekar:

Apparently we took a road less traveled and fell into Alice’s rabbit hole.

Can we double the Planck base units? Frank Wilczek said, “Yes.” But, is it meaningful? We applied base-2 from Planck’s units and in 67 steps we were up to the CERN scale. In 112 steps we were at the size of our original tetrahedron (and octahedron within it). In 143 steps we were close to one second. In 202 steps we were out to the approximate age and size of the universe. Our chart:

It’s a sweet map of the universe, a little like Boeke’s base-10, but more granular and by definition we’re going wall-to-wall. But, is it meaningful? We’ve looked at many doubling functions and believe it should be or else logic is failing us somewhere.

Might you help pull us out of this fantasy and get back to reality? Thank you very much.

Most sincerely,