The big ten failings of big bang cosmology

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#9 It pushes around creativity and corners imagination.

Creativity and innovation come from exploring options and possibilities, open issues and questions, and analogies and metaphors.

  1. Big Bang Cosmology is so ubiquitous it screams in your face, “Don’t question me!”
  2. Big Bang Cosmology lifts up Planck Temperature and ignores the other Planck base units at the singularity. Freezing other possibilities to explore truncates creativity.
  3. It has only one directional arrow: Planck Temperature to Absolute Zero. From the singularity, Big Bang Cosmology is based on just one primary quality/quantity.
  4. Although Planck Mass is used to calculate the Planck Temperature formula, it has no necessary correlation to Planck Temperature after the first moment. Ostensibly the value of Planck Mass is not part of any calculation to determine Stephen Hawking’s “infinitely dense” singularity.  If it is bound at the hip within the singularity, shouldn’t there be a necessary correspondence to mass throughout the universe?
  5. Planck Temperature locks out the two most defining qualities/quantities of life, Planck Time and Planck Length. With Planck Mass, these three are Max Planck’s original three that he formulated back in 1906 (Max Planck, The Theory of Radiation, Dover, 1959 translated from 1906).
  6. The all important Planck Charge is ignored.

An unexplored alternative: When Planck Time-Length-Charge-and-Mass are tracked together using base-2 notation, we have four arrows that intersect at least on the first 67 notations creating a rich infrastructure, a grid, aether, matrix, plenun or vinculum,  of the total 200+ notations that takes us out to the current age of the universe, the Now. Totally predictive, by the first second (between notations 142 and 143), it becomes entirely  apparent that the initial epochs of the Big Bang Cosmology are all captured  without an initial bang.

Because it ignores the bedrock principles of continuity and symmetry, Big Bang Cosmology has no ordering system.

The Planck temperature is defined as:planktemperature

It requires a temperature of 1027 K for the average particle energy to be 1014 GeV.