Research Paper by Bryce Estes

As a student, kids say the darnedest things!

Walk the Planck!

Note: This research paper is done in conjunction with Walk the Planck, a project for the National Science Fair which involve online surveys and tours of the Big Board-little universe and the Universe Table.  Based on the school fair and the constructive comments of the judges,  shorter and more frequent surveys are being developed.


Physicists use the Planck length to put things that are insanely small into perspective. By the time most scientists get anywhere near the Planck length, they believe it stops making much sense to talk about the difference between two points in any measurable situation. Historically, because of the uncertainty principle, there is no useful, or physically relevant, difference between the positions of things separated by such distances. It seems that most scientists today who think about the Planck Length believe nothing fundamentally changes at the Planck scale, and there is nothing special…

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