2022-Putin – the first draft

26 February 2022

Science and mathematics actually tell us about the foundations of ethics and values.

Our oldest, most-used, least-understood equation is pi (π).

What is not finite about pi and its spheres is, by default, infinite.

There are three aspects of pi (π) that qualify. In so doing, these three redefine infinity — these are continuity, symmetry, and harmony. Here, too, are the foundations of logic and scientific knowledge.

Because we rely on our limited worldviews, we make mistakes. An integrated view of the universe is best understood by using base-2 notation. It is all mathematics and logic and it defines universal.

History will not be kind to our world leaders; our worldviews are just too small.

We all need to begin migrating to a highly-integrated, mathematical view of the universe. Our universe is exponential, not linear.

UNESCO is the world’s agency for promoting peace through education-science-culture (organization). I wrote to Audrey Azoulay, the Director General, yesterday morning. I will write to others within Russia and throughout the world until we break through the high walls of the Kremlin and bring in a new light of day.

This will be a living document. It will be updated and more will be added. I have communicated with you in the past those communications will also become available soon.

Time is of essence. People are hurting, screaming and dying.

Thank you.