Corporate social responsibility: Sustainability, governance and ethics

John Fraser, Ph.D., AIA
President & CEO
New Knowledge
New York City

Second email: Wednesday, January 9, 2019, 4:22 PM

Dear John:

The question of consciousness is age-old yet today the focus is diverse and intense. If we can establish elements of it on this grid from 1-202, particularly within the first 64, our self-perceptions begin to change. The first 64 notations of the 202 redefine the infinitesimal. If we become intimate with our infinitesimal universe that appears now to be shared with all sentient things, empathy and intuitions take on very new flavors.

Likewise today’s questions around time symmetry are intense. If we can establish that space/time is derivative and finite, and we can establish empathic exercises that demonstrate how this could be so, our proximate perceptions begin to expand and I will project, eventually begin to touch the entire universe. The mappings done by all the new telescopes will become wider points of interest. I am not at all sure of that trajectory, but I can “feel” it opening up.

And for millennium, the intensity of questions around infinity has not abated. If bridges between the finite and infinite can be  be constructed in ways the historic religions/philosophies have been unable to accomplish — rational, logical, mathematical — our most proximate perceptions of reality will open even deeper, wider, further, richer, and probably even in ways that are a bit more fun.

As we go forward, if I write something up that seems germane to your work, I’ll send a brief note and link!


First email: Friday, January 6, 2019, 8:56 PM

Dear Dr. John Fraser: 

In an early abstract for a conference paper on corporate social responsibility (CSR),  I said, “CSR must be integrated within one’s view of oneself, our world, and yes, even our universe. A simple level of mathematical integration exists by applying base-2 notation to the Planck Scale whereby the universe is quantized within 202 doublings or notations.”

That may sound a bit specialized; it’s not. The Planck Scale is the beginning of the definition of infinitesimals, ostensibly the small scale universe. The 202 doublings are in three groups — the small-scale universe, the human-scale, and the large-scale.

This simple integration of concepts, I believe, is “new knowledge.” The only online references are from our work.  I believe it is I important because it opens diverse possibilities for sustainability, ethics and governance that have, heretofore, been overlooked.

Ethics is most often relegated to a secondary or derivative track. Within these levels of integration, the ethical judgment becomes a scientific, mathematical, logical and necessary judgment.

More about it all can be found here:

Do you think it is new knowledge and is it worth pursuing? Thank you.

Most sincerely,

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