Riley, Pat

Pat Riley
Bruce Camber’s Sister-in-law

First email: Sunday, 29 April 2018

Dear Pat:

Let’s see if we can get inside the story known as the Wheat & Chessboard.*
It is a simple-but-mind-boggling story. Although there are many other
versions of the story, I think this version of the story the best:
It does the expansion in pennies and you end up with over
$184,467,440 trillion dollars. Just to put that in context,
in 2017 the global debt of all the nations, all companies,
and all people was estimated to be $215 trillion.

You could pay off everyone’s debt everywhere and hardly
knew you did! That’s the  beginning of the mind boggling.

Now, our chart of the universe is a lot like the chessboard
but instead of 64 squares, we have 202 and that just about
accounts for everything everywhere in the universe!

Crazy, isn’t it?

And I guess one has to be a little crazy to be thinking about
such things…. it is all quite simple if we slow down
a little and think about it. Because I know you are very good
with numbers, why not think about it a little?

Be well. Give my brother a squeeze!
Bruce Camber

PS. Access to this story is with many of my letters to scholars right here: You’ll see your name under the “R’s”.
* The URL for the first link is to a page in Wikipedia:

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