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A Simple, Logical-but-unexplored Model Challenges Our Basic Understanding Of The Very Nature Of Time

From World to Universe.  A simple bit of math and logic, insights from high school people (particularly a high school geometry class in New Orleans), provides a radically different approach to historic questions about time. By multiplying the smallest unit of time by 2, then each result by 2, over and over again, in just over 200 steps they are at the Age of the Universe. It is called base-2 notation from the Planck Scale to the Age of the Universe and it suggests that time is finite,  derivative, local, and quantized.

This model impacts every article, book, conference, and late night discussion about the nature of time. There are lots of words and concepts to analyze. By interjecting it into specific discussions, its functional cogency might be more clearly delineated.

MORE  A locución latina cogito ergo sum, que en galego se traduce como penso, logo existo (ou penso, polo tanto, existo) ou máis tradicionalmente, penso, logo, eu son, é unha formulación filosófica de René Descartes, o cal se converteu no elemento fundamental do racionalismo occidental. Cogito ergo sum é unha tradución da formulación orixinal de Descartes en francés: “Je pense, donc je suis”, atopado no seu famoso Discurso do método

Aínda que a idea expresada en cogito ergo sum atribúese a Descartes, moitos predecesores ofreceron argumentos similares, particularmente Agostiño de Hipona en De Civitate Dei (libros XI, 26), o cal se anticipa a modernos contrapuntos sobre o concepto. (véxase Principios de filosofía 1, §7: Ac proinde haec cognitio, ego cogito, ergo sum, est omnium prima & certissima, quae cuilibet ordine philosophanti occurrat o que significa, “E polo tanto esta reflexión, penso logo existo, é a primeira e máis certa de todas cantas se lle presentan aos que filosofan ordenadamente”)

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